Dulce de leche

Creamy Heaven

You can’t beat the smooth, creamy moreishness of homemade dulce de leche

This indulgent sweet treat It’s made by slowly heating sweetened milk until the mixture thickens, changes to a creamy-caramel flavour and becomes a light brown colour

Producing the perfect dulce de leche requires a lot of love and attention but the reward is well worth the effort

This is one of the most popular desserts in Argentina and once you’ve tried it you understand why

There are thousands of ways to enjoy it...


Try it on pancakes, as a sponge cake filling, as fruit dipping, on toasts or eat it by the spoonful (which is definitely our favorite way to enjoy it)

Let your imagination decide the best pairing

We have a size for every need

Just for your to have on breakfast or for filling a cake for the whole family, we have sizes going from 240g to 1,5kg available to go

For special orders of 5kg or more please get in touch

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