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Our Culinary Journey


Our family business started during lockdown.

We were longing for the flavours of our childhood and
reminisced about the memories we had around the dinner table with our loved ones.

On one of those difficult days when we were desperate for a spoonful of homemade dulce de leche,
we decided to follow our grandmother’s recipe.
We hoped that this sweet treat would transport us back home for a moment or two. It did.

The power of home cooked food made with love can bridge huge distances and connect hearts
across the globe.

Since then, our passion grew so big we had to move out of our home kitchen and into our Southeast
London micro-bakery.
This is where we continue to recreate authentic Argentine family recipes.

We are trading at some of London’s biggest farmer’s markets and have recently moved into our first
permanent shop on Lordship Lane.
We love offering our community freshly baked goods, locally
roasted coffee, and everyone's favourite tantalizing chimichurri sauce!

Come visit us at our shop in East Dulwich, or our Victoria Market stall every Sunday in Hackney.

Join us on this journey; after all, a single bite is all it takes to travel.

Janet & Juan

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